Customer Success Spotlight: Transparent Traders

Transparent Traders LLC is the first to create accurate algorithmic swing trading notifies that fit the needs of the working retail trader who has a busy lifestyle. Our algorithms increase the chances of success and making profits with as little tension as possible by informing the trader about ticker signs and indicating if that trade is either “Bullish” or “Bearish” while keeping traders upgraded with the informing direction throughout the trade.

Meet Transparent Traders. Their Blackbox is the “first-ever to be produced that specifically signals for swing trades,” according to creator James Mason. It likewise notifies for Bearish and bullish day trades. The Blackbox leverages advanced algorithms and predictive AI to locate accurate day or swing trades. We spoke to Mason about the story behind Transparent Traders and the difficulties and successes of supporting individual traders.

Our objective at Intrinio is to power a generation of applications that will fundamentally alter the method our broken monetary system works. Intrinio information feeds form the basis of whatever from big enterprise business reporting applications to start-up fintech apps. Its rewarding to see our item come to life at the hands of todays most ingenious developers constructing effective things.

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Were fortunate to be in an organisation where we grow together with our consumers, and were happy to flaunt their effort. Each blog site in this series will highlight a customer that has leveraged our financial information feeds to develop something extraordinary.

What is your expert background?

Given that 2012, I have actually been a full-time retail trader while also working for the United States Government until completion of 2017. Throughout the year of 2016, I developed an interest in algorithms and automation. Ever since I have worked on techniques and developed algorithms that could properly anticipate when a stock would soon reverse instructions in the market. In 2019, I founded Transparent Traders LLC and integrated it into my social media platforms to enable my followers to be able to use my algorithms on a subscription-based model.

What inspired you to start your business?

What inspired me the most to discovered Transparent Traders LLC was to produce an environment that would be safe from dishonest players in the market and on social networks. My objective has constantly been to safeguard traders as best as I possibly can and to do my finest to help them end up being successful traders in the stock exchange.

What have been your greatest challenges, and what did you gain from them?

This is when I knew that I could take my algorithms that worked for my trades and supply an option that could increase their success with trading. This is how the Transparent Traders Blackbox was produced, also understood as the “TT Blackbox.”

Throughout the last few years, when I would try to teach traders what techniques worked best for me in my trades, I found that the traders became dependent on me being available to them for peace of mind. When I wasnt live trading with them, they faced all sorts of feelings that triggered lots of to make radical trades that would end up ruining big percentages of their portfolios.

It wasnt possible for me to be with every trader all the time. Thats when I recognized I can not teach traders how to mentally control their feelings, I could only describe to them how I manage my own. I studied the chain of emotional occasions that traders would have while I was around and compared it to when I wasnt with them during a live stream. What I discovered with the traders was they couldnt keep focus while they were in a trade. After they went into a trade, their day-to-day lives pulled them far from their charts as the trading sessions advanced throughout the day. When they had time to have a look at their active trade, their feelings would start to overtake them since they werent experiencing the results that they were expecting to return back to. These feelings would begin an unfavorable chain of occasions such as not scaling in correctly, ending their trade prematurely, and then reversing the instructions they were trading which would amplify their losses since the trade would turn back and pattern in its initial instructions.

What have been your biggest successes?

I knew that my algorithms were extremely accurate, however I underestimated the effect they would have on my customers. To see the success my subscribers are having with their earnings as they post them openly, and checking out messages from my subscribers informing me how they were never successful with trading up until the TT Blackbox, it has genuinely been among the most heartfelt experiences of success that Ive had.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Our trading alerts accuracy, together with our scaling in function that lets traders understand the finest time to contribute to their position size, has actually produced remarkable success for all experience levels of traders. When backtesting our swing trading notifies over a two-week period, we found that our rate of success ranged from 84% to 96%. Those rates vary in that range due to macroeconomic events, with the greater percentile being during smoother market conditions..

Our competitors hardly have any social networks existence, while we have a considerable following on all major social media platforms.

Transparent Traders LLC is 100% self-funded, and we do not have any debt. Our closest rival has $7 million in financial obligation and has actually never made a profit in a single month in their five years of organisation while we have paid monthly given that we released our platform.

The TT Blackbox is the first algorithmic swing trading alert system that has actually been developed and one that is actually accurate. Our day trading informs are simply as precise, but our target audience is the hectic retail trader.

Our competitors accuracy is no place near ours! We keep our platform exceptionally basic, and we pride ourselves on the results our algorithms produce..

In the end, individuals desire results. Thats what we provide.

Why did you select to work with Intrinio?

Choosing to deal with Intrinio was a no-brainer. Our strategic goals line up by wishing to democratize data and technology by making it available to more traders worldwide. Intrinio can satisfy all resources or requires that we have as a business, from monetary data sets to item advancement.

How would you explain your experience working with Intrinio?

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Meet Transparent Traders. We spoke to Mason about the story behind Transparent Traders and the challenges and successes of supporting individual traders.

Learn more by checking out the Transparent Traders site.

Every time work was done to build my product, they always surpassed my expectations. They truly go out of their way to supply the finest service for their partners.

Since 2012, I have been a full-time retail trader while also working for the United States Government until the end of 2017. What I discovered with the traders was they couldnt keep focus while they were in a trade. Our trading signals accuracy, along with our scaling in function that lets traders understand the finest time to include to their position size, has produced incredible success for all experience levels of traders.