Customer Success Spotlight: Alquant

We spoke to Alquants executive team about their goals, difficulties, and biggest successes.

Meet Alquant– a Swiss fintech enhancing standard property management through quantitative methods and artificial intelligence. Alquant describes its function as “enabling increasingly more individuals to delight in higher financial prosperity. We dedicate ourselves to securing and growing clients assets in a sustainable, fair, and effective manner.”

Were fortunate to be in a service where we grow together with our customers, and were proud to flaunt their hard work. Each blog in this series will highlight a customer that has actually leveraged our monetary data feeds to develop something unbelievable.

Alquant enhances conventional property management through quantitative approaches and artificial intelligence for the benefit of its clients. We are dedicated to delivering remarkable financial investment results and an exceptional financier experience.

Our objective at Intrinio is to power a generation of applications that will fundamentally alter the way our damaged financial system works. Intrinio information feeds kind the basis of everything from big enterprise service reporting applications to start-up fintech apps. Its rewarding to see our item come to life at the hands of todays most innovative developers building powerful things.

Give us the elevator pitch for Alquant.

What is your expert background?

Valentin Moullet, CTO: acquired important experience at major tech companies (Facebook, Google and Microsoft).

Quang Pham, CIO: worked for a leading Swiss bank (Credit Suisse) and at the greatest European Activist hedge fund.

Guillaume Bourquenoud, CEO: worked at a leading Swiss insurer (Mobiliar).

What inspired you to begin Alquant?

There are three essential reasons that influenced us to begin our company and keep us working hard:

In our view, funds that charge a high cost for active management however then hardly vary from the index are not understandable. At Alquant, we aim to offer trustworthy financial investment options with a distinct track record of success at reasonable conditions.

Thats why we utilize quantitative approaches to process a large amount of information and make logical choices, avoiding psychological investing errors. With this approach, Alquant aspires to produce steady returns, supply the highest capital defense possible, and take away peoples worry of investing in the international stock market.

We highly think that the existing user or investor experience is not that great in the monetary market, lagging behind other markets considerably. Thats why we desired to provide a new level of investor experience, supplying financiers with high openness and a insightful and instinctive presentation of our investment products rather than complex truth sheets filled with lingo.

What have been your biggest challenges, and what did you gain from them?

We have dealt with several challenges:

Policy. Another huge challenge in the property management organisation is regulation. Regulation is quite stringent to safeguard financiers, especially retail investors. The regulation is even tougher for young entrepreneurs, as the guideline likewise requires a great deal of experience to begin a property management company. We genuinely comprehend that the defense of investors is required, however, policy raises the barrier to begin asset management companies by young business owners and pursue development in this market. Our method is to tackle the regulation subject proactively. Currently, we are in the process of getting approval by the Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) to be a possession manager of collective possessions.

Performance history. The greatest challenge of establishing an ingenious possession management business is showing a valid track record. For instance, institutional investors usually require a strong performance history of at least 3 years based upon some real assets under management prior to they invest. When you begin, how do you get the very first properties under management without a track record? To get assets under management you need a track record and for a performance history, you require properties under management. Frequently we faced this chicken-egg issue. A more difficulty is to persuade bigger institutions as they have numerous decision-makers in an investment committee. You may convince somebody on the committee, but if somebody else puts a veto, they wont invest in your product. What we learned is to target at the starting smaller sized institutions with one or just a couple of decision-makers. There you have a greater opportunity of success. As soon as we have reached a critical hurdle and have built a more institutional structure and brand name, we will go back to larger organizations.

Financial data. Last but not least, it was difficult for us to find a data supplier that makes it possible to gain access to monetary data on the cloud at a reasonable price. It seemed like the major data companies are still quite focused on offering their terminals. If they do supply gain access to from the cloud, the rate was horrendous. On a regular basis, they were overwhelmed by our requests. Often, it felt like we were the only quantitative property manager requesting access from the cloud. Thats why we decided to team up with Intrinio.

What have been your greatest successes?

Based on their trust, we are currently handling around CHF 20m Assets under Advisory. Our item was released in October 2018 and has actually illustrated Alquants mission to offer a high level of capital security through hard times such as the December 2018 equity crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you set yourself apart from your rivals?

Alquant separates itself by providing the next generation of low-volatility investing through expert system and huge information:

Synthetic intelligence and algorithms are incorruptible, much faster, and more economical than people. The combination of robust algorithms in property management allows Alquant to process huge amounts of data and make reasonable choices at any time.

Huge information and info speed. Recently, not only has the speed of info flow increased tremendously, however also the amount of details. 90% of all data was generated in the last two years. The high degree of automation of the investment procedure enables Alquant to process the flood of information in a timely manner.

Threat control and capital preservation. “Black swan” occasions are inseparable from monetary markets. Possessions can halve in value in no time. Alquant focuses on forecasting risk rather than return and pursues a proactive and vibrant threat management approach to reduce short-term drawback, thus increasing long-lasting performance.

Why did you pick to work with Intrinio?

Of course, we also required to have financial data with good quality and be sure that the method we would get this data was reliable. As we are a growing business, it was essential for us to be able to select just the information that we required at the time in order to avoid having crazy expenses while using just a little amount of all the available information, but then be able to include different information as our requirements are developing.

How would you explain your experience working with Intrinio?

Discover more about Alquant by visiting their website.

The documents is clear, the information quality is good, and the assistance team is really reactive in case some information is missing or for any other issue. The group is quick and is accepting innovation while keeping excellent quality data and trustworthy APIs, which is what we were looking for and stopped working to discover in other data suppliers.

It was hard for us to find an information service provider that makes it possible to gain access to financial information on the cloud at an affordable price. Of course, we also needed to have monetary information with excellent quality and be sure that the method we would get this data was dependable. As we are a growing business, it was crucial for us to be able to choose just the data that we needed at the time in order to prevent having crazy expenses while using just a little amount of all the offered information, but then be able to include various data as our requirements are progressing. The paperwork is clear, the information quality is excellent, and the assistance team is extremely reactive in case some data is missing or for any other issue. The team is fast and is accepting innovation while keeping excellent quality information and reliable APIs, which is what we were looking for and failed to discover in other data suppliers.

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