Could I have stomach cancer? Stomach cancer symptoms and diagnosis

Take an appearance at the statistics for Stomach Cancer, likewise referred to as Gastric Cancer, and youll understand its not an easy one to diagnose. Out of an approximated 28,000 cases in the United States each year, nearly a third, 10,960, are anticipated to pass away. The figures in the UK are even worse with just 15% of patients anticipated to live beyond 10 years. The genuine hint depends on the truth that nearly a 3rd of British clients first present with the disease in their emergency situation or A&E department, and considered that the typical initial signs such as wind, indigestion or heartburn arent exactly emergency signs, this implies that a lot of clients are experiencing a substantial and typically fatal hold-up in getting a diagnosis. As stomach cancer symptoms are often quickly mistaken for less serious conditions, its understandable that both client and medical professional will not believe a possibly deadly cancer as the cause. Which is why weve devoted this weeks blog to talking about the symptoms and when to look for recommendations, in the hopes we can assist patients present much earlier to their physician and subsequently find a remedy.

What is stomach cancer?
Stomach cancer is the 5th most common cancer worldwide and, due to its regularly late medical diagnosis, the 3rd most deadly. The stomach wall is made up of 5 layers of tissue and its in the innermost layer, the mucosa, that the cancer will start growing, spreading outwards as time passes.
Whos at threat of stomach cancer?
In the large bulk of cases, stomach cancer is linked to lifestyle elements, which may describe why it seldom affects the young. 95% of cases happen in the over 55s and men are twice as likely to develop the condition but these lifestyle options likewise play a huge part:

Previous cancer sufferers. Regretfully previous cancer clients have an increased threat of establishing the disease

Diet. Nations with a diet plan abundant in pickled veggies, salted fish and smoked meats have a greater occurrence of stomach cancer. Attempt to include more fiber and more fresh fruit and veg to your diet if this sounds familiar. According to Cancer Research UK, high salt consumption is an especially serious danger aspect for stomach cancer. If you think youre having more than the recommended 6g of salt a day, which is around a teaspoon, attempt to reduce. Remember though that most of our salt intake is already in daily foods such as bread, cereals and ready meals

Smoking. Cigarette smokers are two times as likely to establish the illness, as inhaled smoke can end up in the stomach, which in turn damages the stomach cells

Family history. Its not clear whether this is genetic or down more to shared lifestyles

Particular medical conditions. Examples consist of clients with pernicious anaemia (B12 shortage) and those experiencing peptic ulcers or helicobacter pylori infections

Symptoms of stomach cancer

As we pointed out previously, it is vital to acknowledge the early signs and stop the cancer in its tracks as quickly as possible. The problem is, early symptoms are often puzzled with less serious conditions such as stomach ulcers. if youre suffering from any of the symptoms below, enter them into the Isabel Symptom Checker and research their causes as much as possible prior to discussing them with your doctor:

Persistent indigestion, known medically as dyspepsia
Trapped wind and frequent burping
When eating, feeling complete quickly
Difficulty swallowing, also known as dysphagia. You may feel a burning sensation or food might stick in your throat
Inexplicable weight loss. This is a crucial cancer symptom and must always be reported to your doctor.

Rest guaranteed that these are all typical symptoms for lots of conditions and not generally triggered by cancer, however if youve been experiencing them most days and for more than 3 weeks, its time to talk to your doctor.
More advanced symptoms of the illness can include:

Blood in your stool or black, tar-like stool

Blood in your vomit

Loss of cravings


Swelling in your stomach

Anemia, read our blogpost on anemia here

Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes

Take a look at the statistics for Stomach Cancer, also known as Gastric Cancer, and youll understand its not an easy one to detect. As stomach cancer signs are typically quickly mistaken for less severe conditions, its understandable that both client and doctor wont believe a potentially fatal cancer as the cause. Stomach cancer is the 5th most typical cancer around the world and, due to its regularly late diagnosis, the 3rd most deadly. According to Cancer Research UK, high salt consumption is an especially grave danger factor for stomach cancer. Weve written a blogpost on both cancer treatments and cancer types and phases, these might assist you understand when these conversations are had.

Stomach cancer can also be mistakenly identified as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac disease or inflammatory bowl disease (IBD), so if youre being treated for these diseases and your condition isnt improving, recommend a possible investigation of stomach cancer to your physician.
How is stomach cancer identified?
If your doctor presumes stomach cancer, they will refer you to a specialist who is most likely to organize an endoscopy, which is a long, light tube with a video camera on the end. It is placed down your throat into your stomach to look for stomach ulcers and cancer. Weve written a blogpost on both cancer treatments and cancer types and stages, these may assist you comprehend when these discussions are had.
How is stomach cancer dealt with?
Treatments will completely depend upon your total health and how far the cancer has actually spread out. Treatment options are surgical treatment, chemoradiation and chemotherapy and are determined by what phase your cancer is at when diagnosed, you might receive surgical treatment alone or a mix of these treatments. If your growth is stage 1B upwards at diagnosis then chemotherapy or chemoradiation may be given prior to surgical treatment in order to diminish the cancer and make it easier to remove, often.
As this blog has hopefully made clear, its necessary that we do not overlook the early indication our body is providing us of stomach cancer, or any condition of the stomach. If youre experiencing any of these symptoms, its hopefully something much less major, but taking a few minutes to research them on the Isabel Symptom Checker and discussing the outcomes with your doctor is a great next step.