Chris Bloomstran – Update on Public Markets – [Invest Like the Best, EP.171]

( 1:42)– (First question)– Adjustments to his portfolio in the age of a pandemic.

( 9:36)– The Federal Reserve Act.

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( 6:41)– Chris Bloomstran Podcast Episode.

( 13:08)– 2020 Investment Letter.

Show Notes.

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( 15:02)– Why we will not see the very same performance in tech over the future as weve seen the last decade.

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( 41:12)– Expectation for deflation over inflation.

My guest today for a flash update is Chris Bloomstran, the creator and CIO of Semper Augustus and a popular previous visitor on the show. We discuss his view on the state of the general public equity market, why it will be difficult for the market to provide fantastic returns for the next decade relative to the last, and where chances may lie. Please delight in.

( 35:48)– Where sectors are valued in the existing market.

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( 30:06)– Berkshires activity considering that the crisis began.

( 52:05)– Economic aspects they are concentrating on.

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( 12:32)– Surprising action in the markets during the crisis.

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( 21:00)– The carnage in energy sector and return capacity.

( 48:54)– Characteristics to look for in companies to own over the next 10 years.

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