Canopy CEO Predicts U.S. Legalization by 2022

Some say its still a pipeline dream, years away at best. The reality is that federal legalization might be ideal around the corner.

Im discussing the federal legalization of cannabis.

I call it the “holy grail” of the marijuana market– a game-changing occasion that would mint the very first cannabis billionaire and richly benefit early financiers.

Examine out what the CEO of the biggest marijuana company had to say in an interview with Jim Cramer on Mad Money if you do not think me.

Heres the clip from CNBC.

David Klein, the head of Canopy Growth, informed CNBCs Jim Cramer on Tuesday that as states continue to slowly allow medical and leisure usage of cannabis, Congress will have no choice but to act.
” My assumption is that 2022, for me, is the magic number,” he stated in a “Mad Money” interview. “I believe, as you enjoy more and more states transfer to legalization for medical or rec, you truly generate practically two more senators each time who are truly going to feel obliged to not make bad guys out of individuals in their state who are doing whats legal in their particular state.”

Why Kleins Comments Are an Important Signal

# 3– As the CEO of Canopy, Klein has access to the very best contacts and info in the industry. His opinion about the marijuana industry brings a great deal of weight.

# 2– U.S. federal legalization by 2022 is the most optimistic forecast that Ive spoken with anyone on Kleins level.

It doesnt do a CEO any good to set expectations truly high and then fall brief. For Klein to publicly predict legalization in 2022, it tells me he knows about things that are happening behind the drape.

Present Events Are Pointing Towards Legalization

Because it has the potential to produce millions of brand-new tasks and create billions in taxes, Federal legalization is the ideal treatment.

The U.S. marijuana market would be flooded with capital. Cannabis companies would lastly be able to list their stocks on U.S. exchanges, accessing billions in brand-new capital to grow. Institutional fund managers would be able to invest. The biggest business in the U.S. would be able to invest without the fear of prosecution.

At this point, federal legalization looks like a natural and unavoidable step forward.

California and Oregon would be permitted to distribute out of states and would rapidly catch huge portions of nationwide market share all throughout the country.

COVID-19 just made the case for legalizing marijuana stronger than ever. The U.S. economy shed around 40 million jobs in eight weeks. Politicians are desperate for new sources of taxes.

In the meantime, while marijuana remains prohibited at the federal level, cannabis was categorized as a necessary market by many states during the quarantine, offering additional credibility to legalization.

31 states have already legislated medical marijuana and 11 have legalized recreational marijuana. Another 6 states are working to get cannabis initiatives on the tally.

The U.S. Cannabis Industry is Ready to Thrive

If the U.S. does legalize, and I expect it to take place, now is the time to discover how to capitalize. Cannabis stocks are emerging from a 2-year bear market and the sector looks the most underestimated it has in years.

The incentives to legislate have actually never ever been stronger. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy. Legislating cannabis is a fast and fairly simple method to produce new jobs and create new taxes.

The CEO of Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) thinks the U.S. will legislate cannabis at the federal level by 2022. Worst case scenario this a little over 2 years away.

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The U.S. cannabis industry would be flooded with capital. 31 states have already legalized medical marijuana and 11 have actually legalized recreational marijuana. In November, at least four more states are voting on marijuana. Another 6 states are working to get cannabis initiatives on the ballot. I view the marijuana market like a hawk looking for 2 things– big opportunities and caution indications.

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