3 Tough Things We Need to Do to Be Happy in Tough Times

In some cases life slams us in the gut, dealing us such a terrible blow it literally takes our breath away.

You are not the very same person you were a year earlier, a month earlier, or even the other day. You are always growing … stronger!

A pandemic hits, an enjoyed one gets ill, we lose a breadwinning task, somebody we understand passes away, money gets tight, sensations of depression and despondency overwhelm our much better judgment … everything simply appears to be going wrong.

So, what can we do when the world around us shatters, and we cant seem to select up the pieces?

Fact be told, when the world appears to be falling apart, there is immense opportunity. But we need to want to do some hard things. We should be prepared to alter our point of view and our reaction.

The times when things are breaking down are exactly the very best times to practice existence and mindfulness. These are the times were always preparing for, in such a way, when we pray, practice meditation, self-reflect, and usually purchase our personal development throughout the great times.


When the world is shattering, this is the time to practice.

Ultimately, you will see clearly that what you feel is simply a feeling, and that you can stay with what you feel without the world ending. You will see that you are in control of your sensations, and not the other method around. And you will begin to take them less seriously, hold them lightly, and provide them some much-needed space in your anxious brain.

Be patient with the pain you feel. Dont conceal from it, do not rush to cover it up or repair it immediately. Simply start by acknowledging its presence and facing it with guts.

Lets practice laying a solid structure …

Challenge yourself to sit silently with what you are feeling for a complete minute, with compassion and gentleness. Be at peace with the source of your pain– find the braveness to simply sit with it like you would with a friend whos harming. Practice this a few times a day, whenever you feel the pulse of your discomfort rising. And notification when your mind wants to run, rebel or conceal. When this occurs, take a deep breath, re-center yourself, and start once again.

Practicing Right Now is Tough

The virus is still spreading around the world right now, and we are all facing a really hard reality. Im not recommending we ought to rejoice at living though this unpleasant and frustrating life experience.

Lets build off the foundation we simply set above. Lets look at some difficult yet needed things we can do for ourselves today to ease our discomfort and experience a little more joy in the days and weeks ahead …

1. Be completely present in each moment.

In some cases we prevent experiencing exactly where we are because we have established a belief, based upon past experiences, that it is not where we must be or want to be. The reality is, where you are now is precisely where you require to be to get to where you desire to go tomorrow. So practice appreciating where you are.

Lots of young individuals appear to believe all their joy awaits them in the years ahead, while so many older individuals believe their finest moments are behind them. Dont let it get the best of you.

Your member of the family are too stunning to overlook. Call them. Text them. Take a minute to remember how fortunate you are to be breathing. Take an appearance around, with your eyes earnestly open up to the possibilities. Much of what you fear does not exist in the space around you. Much of what you love is closer than you realize. You are simply one short believed far from comprehending the true blessing that is your life.

Life is not lived in some distant, envisioned land of one day where everything is perfect. It is lived here and now, with the truth of the way things are. Yes, by all ways you can wish for and work toward an idealized tomorrow. To do so, you must successfully deal with the world as it is today.

2. Bring gratitude and passion into the little things.

Her words made me cry and smile at the same time. She was profoundly grateful for really being able to accomplish the little things she had achieved in her final two years. For still having a chance to do the little things that bring us pleasure.

Over the years, Angel and I have directed hundreds of good friends, course trainees and Think Better, Live Better conference guests through a procedure of finding genuine appreciation and enthusiasm in tough times– a process of stepping forward with dignity, no matter what …

A couple short years back, on the 2nd to last day of her life, a friend of mine, who I was training daily, told me her only regret was that she didnt appreciate every year with the exact same passion and function that she had in the last 2 years of her life, after she was identified with terminal cancer. “Ive accomplished so much recently– so much inner development– and genuinely appreciated every minute of it,” she said. “If I had actually just known, I would have begun earlier.”

Since there is always, always, constantly something to be happy for and some factor to take another step forward. Bring thankfulness and passion into otherwise regular moments …

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the little just you were thankful for and happy about today?

3. Follow healthy everyday rituals.

About a years ago, when I was extremely focused on weight lifting and physical strength training, I slowly discovered that you cant be genuinely devoted to anything worthwhile if you have a weak mind thats unwilling to do difficult things. To fight this, I wrote two simple concerns on two various post-it notes and stuck one on my restroom mirror and the other inside my health club locker:

Far frequently we believe self-confidence is everything about how we react to very alarming circumstances, like actively dealing with Covid-19: Can we keep our lives together even after struggling with a significant illness, or losing our livelihood?

To this day, the answer to both concerns is undoubtedly hundreds for many people, including myself. Weak point of the mind can quickly get the very best of us, specifically when the going gets hard. And the only method to repair this weak point is day-to-day practice.

Now, its your turn …

If youre feeling up to it, we would love to speak with YOU.

The number of daily workouts have you missed out on because your mind, not your body, told you that you were too tired?
The number of day-to-day exercise representatives have you skipped since your mind, not your body, said, “Nine representatives is enough. Do not stress over the tenth”?

Choose to do select sit-ups in your bedroom every morning when it would be easier to sleep in. When it would be simpler to quit at nine, select to do the ten representatives. Pick to produce something special (like a new journal entry, drawing, or household highlight video) when it would be easier to consume something average on TikTok or Instagram. Choose to send loving texts to household and pals when it would be simpler to view another program on Netflix. Prove to yourself, in lots of little methods over the next few weeks, that you have the discipline to get in the ring and wrestle with life.

Theres no doubt that exceptionally alarming circumstances test our bravery, determination and self-confidence, but what about less dire, day-to-day scenarios? Possibly just passively handling Covid-19 from a distance, when its not directly and personally debilitating us.

The bottom line is that as times get tougher over the next few weeks, lots of people will find something simple to do– they will discover an easy interruption. When things get tougher for YOU, you can sign up with Angel and me, and discover a method to stay on track with your healthy daily rituals. (Note: Angel and I develop favorable, life-altering routines with our students in the “Goals and Growth” module of the Getting Back to Happy course.).

Inner strength is constantly constructed through great deals of small, daily triumphes. Its the specific options we make everyday that build our “inner strength muscles.” All of us desire this type of strength, specifically in difficult times, however we cant simply think our way to it. You have to do something about it ritualistically if you want it. Its your favorable everyday routines that prove your psychological fortitude and move you in a favorable instructions.

You do not have to feel that method right now …

What we need to remember is that the mind requires to be worked out to get strength. It needs to be worked regularly in healthy methods to grow strong. If you refuse to press yourself forward a little bit every day, of course you will feel entirely stuck when the going gets tough.

Which point talked about above resonates with you the most today?

Anything else to share?

A couple short years agoBrief on back second to last day of her life, a friend of mine, who I was coaching daily, told me her only regret was that she didnt appreciate every year value the same passion and exact same that she had in the last two years of 2 life, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Weakness of the mind can easily get the best of us, particularly when the going gets tough. We all want this kind of strength, especially in hard times, however we cant simply believe our method to it. The bottom line is that as times get tougher over the next couple of weeks, lots of individuals will discover something simple to do– they will discover an easy interruption.

Practice this a few times a day, whenever you feel the pulse of your discomfort surging. Over the years, Angel and I have directed hundreds of pals, course students and Think Better, Live Better conference participants through a procedure of finding genuine gratitude and passion in tough times– a process of stepping forward with dignity, no matter what …

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