1 Secret to Getting Through Tough Situations (and Truly Bad Days)

Recently, a lot has actually been postponed, closed or canceled. Not everything.

The human experience is filled with love, enthusiasm, creativity, happiness, connection, empathy, laughter … and the taste of chocolate cake. However due to the fact that we as humans find out, grow and develop through lifes downs and ups, our experience also consists of a lot of tough scenarios and seasons that round us out.

Love has actually not been postponed, closed or canceled.

The sharpest weapon we have against negativeness, tension and anxiety is our ability to select one present idea over another.

The crucial today is to not let lifes difficulties get the very best of you.

Hope has not been delayed, canceled or closed.

If you were able to get over these feelings, now envision how you would feel. By “get over” I imply no longer suffering over something that cant be controlled. I understand this is possible because Marc and I have both personally come to peace with very challenging, heartbreaking, uncontrollable situations in our past, and weve experienced hundreds of our students and Think Better, Live Better seminar participants do the same.

Think of the most gut-wrenching scenarios youve withstood in your past. Doing so most likely brings up some extremely unpleasant feelings. And the associated accessories you have may stir stress and anxiety, anger or sadness. This is a dilemma a lot of us face.

Whats the trick? There isnt a one-size-fits-all answer, but all of the possible answers start with …

Right now is a chance to invest … in the little things that matter many.

Self-care has not been postponed, canceled or closed.

Releasing Your Judgments

The reality is, its impossible to overcome a challenging scenario– to let it go– if youre still fanatically judging it and comparing it to something else. Lets revisit one particular gut-wrenching circumstance from your past once again– pick one that still stirs negative feelings. And then ask yourself:

At its core, mindfulness is …

Do you believe it should not have taken place at all?
Do you think the result should have been various?
Do you take what occurred personally?
Do you blame somebody else for what happened?
Do you blame yourself?
Do you think the situation is impossible to get over?

If you captured yourself believing “yes” to several of those questions, then whats lengthening your suffering and preventing you from overcoming it is judgment. Your judgments about what “need to have taken place” continues to delay the self-care, hope, and love you understand you are capable of practicing.

You immediately replace the victim mindset with acceptance and existence when you let go of your unfavorable judgments. And acceptance and existence together will free your mind and move you forward.

We live better in spite of them when we think much better about our situations.

And there is no reason to hold off. Now is the time to practice being more conscious of your judgments and how you react to life. Naturally, thats much easier stated that done. Mindfulness as a daily ritual is the ultimate obstacle. Its a lifestyle, of being, of seeing, of taking advantage of the full power of your humankind, without judgment.

Since it is the only minute guaranteed to you.

Now you may be thinking, “What took place was amazingly dreadful! I cant develop of ever getting over it!” However releasing your judgment does not suggest youre pleased with what occurred, or that you support it, however rather that you are removing the unfavorable concern you are bring by perpetually evaluating it.

Let Each Moment Entice You.

You are not on your method elsewhere.

This moment is where your biggest opportunity lies.

The present is not simply a stepping-stone– it is the supreme location.

Above all, what you need to remember is that where you are and what youre doing at any given moment is definitely essential.

Being aware of whats happening in the present moment without wishing it were various
When it changes (which it will), enjoying each pleasant experience without holding on.
Being with each unpleasant experience without fearing it will constantly be by doing this (which it wont).

You are not advancing to a more crucial time or location.

This extremely same principle uses to our present challenges with COVID-19, specifically for those of us who are not ill.

This minute is your life!

It may seem apparent, however we forget regularly than we d like to admit.

Throughout the day, every day, a lot of us seem like today isnt enough– like our life right now merely isnt worthy of our full existence. And because of this, we judge it harshly and miss out on the majority of lifes present beauty.

However what if we did the opposite?

What if we accepted this moment– no matter how imperfect– as precisely sufficient?

What if we accepted the “bad” with the good, the disappointments with the lessons, the heart-wrenching with the fascinating, the stress and anxiety with the opportunity, as part of a plan offer that this moment alone is using us?

What if we stopped briefly today, and saw whatever with ideal clearness?

Keep thinking of it …

Would we live more significant and unforgettable lives in the weeks and days ahead?

Would we have more stunning stories to treasure and share?

I believe we would.

And therefore, I think now is the very best time to practice.

Are you ready for an obstacle?

It takes roughly 60 days to form a brand-new practice. So for the next eight weeks, get up every early morning and practice being less judgmental and more conscious– practice taking a look at the bright side of your life– and you will rewire your brain.

Will you accept this challenge?

Did this post resonate with you today?

Now you may be thinking, “What happened was amazingly terrible! Now is the time to practice being more conscious of your judgments and how you respond to life.

Likewise, our podcast, THINK BETTER, LIVE BETTER (yes, it shares the title of our yearly live event) can be used as a tool to keep your mindset grounded while youre socially distancing, etc. You can listen to the entire very first season– 30 episodes– on your preferred podcast player today (M&A on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts).

We would enjoy to speak with YOU.

Think about the most gut-wrenching situations youve endured in your past. Now envision how you would feel if you were able to get over these feelings. I understand this is possible since Marc and I have both personally come to peace with extremely challenging, heartbreaking, unmanageable circumstances in our past, and weve experienced hundreds of our trainees and Think Better, Live Better workshop attendees do the exact same.

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