What does Apple want from a VR events company?

Given that 2009 a startup called NextVR has actually been developing exclusive electronic cameras and striking deals to bring live occasions– think sporting occasions, wrestling matches and concerts– straight to the VR headset of your option. The issue is, due to the fact that of reasonably sluggish VR adoption and a dearth of feasible income streams, NextVR never ever saw the kind of “hockey stick” development its backers had hoped for.
9to5Mac reported last month that Apple had gotten the business in a deal valued at around $100 million, and Apple latest verified the acquisition– though not the price– to Bloomberg just recently. To mark the celebration, NextVR shuttered its site not too long earlier. Now, it just thanks people for joining them for the flight and mentions that NextVR is “headed in a brand-new direction.” Probably, that “direction” is up Interstate 5 to Cupertino. Of course, this all leads us to a substantial question: Whats Apple going to finish with a VR company? The brief, obvious answer is no one understands for sure, however with all this news still noticeable in the rearview mirror, this appears like a great time to analyze Apples interest in virtual reality and see what that informs us..