Two Las Vegas casinos want to join the Boring Company’s tube system

Resorts World has been under building for years, and it makes good sense that the new resort, located nearby the Convention Center, would wish to connect to the transit system. Till that project is complete, Wynn/Encore is the closest hotel on the strip to the Convention Center. Its distance makes it ideal for a loop station, too.
“Convention visitors would no longer have to fret about long strolls or gridlock traffic around the convention center– they could take the transportation system to Resorts World Las Vegas for lunch, conferences, or personal visits, and be back to their conference or exposition in minutes,” Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas, said in a news release.
The Convention Center loop is the Boring Companys very first official venture into transit, and the truth that resorts are currently onboard is a vote of self-confidence in the Elon Musk endeavor. The tunnel jobs have received some pushback from Monorail officials, but that hasnt stopped the business from raising millions in outdoors financing. It also has strategies to broaden into China.