Mophie and InvisibleShield are making UV sanitizers for your phone – Engadget

InvisibleShields UV Sanitizer utilizes UV-C bulbs to sterilize any mobile phone as much as 6.9 inches. The sanitization cycle also takes about five minutes, and is said to eliminate 99.9 percent of typical surface area bacteria. This device does not have the Mophie UV sanitizers phone charging capability.
Both gadgets only require the user to put a phone inside and push a button to start sterilizing. The Mophie UV sanitizer is presently offered at and Verizon shops for $79.99. InvisibleShields gadget will quickly be offered on the InvisibleShield site and at “significant retailers” for $59.99.
Its uncertain how reliable UV sanitizers protest coronavirus specifically. Nevertheless, Zagg says the products were evaluated by a 3rd party and discovered to be effective against E. coli and staph..
Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, Associate Professor in the College of Public Health at the University of Arizona, previously told Engadget, “UV-C light works versus a broad variety of bacteria and offers an option for decontaminating your phone without the use of chemicals.” UV sanitizers dont seem to be anymore reliable at sanitizing than disinfecting wipes, however the devices can be a great option for those who dont want their phone to possibly be damaged from cleaning or harsh chemicals.