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Under the brand-new advisory, the general public is prompted to:.

Hidalgo said the state will not enable counties to implement orders so she is pleading with citizens to comply with them and collaborate to stop the spread.

HOUSTON– Harris County has transferred to the “highest possible risk level” for COVID-19, triggering County Judge Lina Hidalgo to release a new Stay Home Work Safe advisory, effective at twelve noon today.

The head of Harris County Public Health echoed her issues. We have a real issue,” said Dr. Umair Shah.

Earlier Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed strategies to close all state bars to in-person service, efficient at twelve noon today. Dining establishments need to go back to 50% capability. Outdoor events of 100 or more people should be approved by local federal governments, with specific exceptions.

She likewise blames the state for opening too rapidly and said we need to gain from those errors.

The current red Level 1, “represents a uncontrolled and severe level of COVID-19, implying outbreaks exist and worsening and that testing and contact tracing capacity is strained or surpassed.”.

Judge Hidalgo stated she will ban all outside events of 100 or more people in Harris County.

” We require to swing into action now, bring down the curve and be smarter about how we reopen.”.

” Harris County is now the hotspot and one of the hardest struck in the world,” Hidalgo said. “This pandemic is like an invisible hurricane.

Cases in Harris County and many other locations of Texas have actually been skyrocketing because Memorial Day Weekend..

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Hidalgo stressed everyone needs to do their part and watch out for each other by staying at home and when you must head out, wear masks and stay a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Earlier Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed strategies to close all state bars to in-person service, effective at twelve noon today.

“I can not worry enough the severity of this circumstance,” Dr. Umair Shah said as Harris County moves to Level 1, which implies COVID-19 is “extreme & & “unchecked.”.

” The severe reality is that our existing infection rate is on speed to overwhelm our hospitals in the extremely near future,” Judge Hidalgo stated. “We hope this serves as a wakeup call to everyone that the time to act is now.”.

The head of Harris County Public Health echoed her issues.” Enough is enough. We have a real problem,” stated Dr. Umair Shah. “I can not stress enough the seriousness of this scenario.”.

” When did we lose our respect for human life? Since when did we choose as a society that instead of conserving a life … we would deal with human lives as security damage? This pandemic resembles an invisible hurricane”.

The state reported simply under 6,000 brand-new cases Thursday, the third straight day for a new single-day record.

On Thursday, all regular ICU beds in Houstons Texas Medical Center were complete, meaning some ICU patients would need to be transferred to other locations not generally utilized for crucial care.

Harris County is ready to deploy a medical shelter at NRG to serve as a backup should the healthcare facility system end up being overloaded but that would be “a last option.” The costs for the medical shelter are expected to be 100 percent reimbursed federal funds, either from FEMA funds or CARES Act financing currently assigned to the county.

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Stay home, except for the most important needs like going to the supermarket for food and medicine.
Avoid and cancel all gatherings of any size.
Necessary workers practice special safety measures to prevent spread.
All vulnerable people (65+ or with pre-existing health conditions) stay home.
Self-quarantine for 14 days if in close and prolonged contact with someone who has checked positive with COVID-19.
Wear face coverings to safeguard others.
Prevent non-essential organisation and individual travel. Prevent mass transit where possible.
Cancel sees to assisted living home, long term care facilities, and hospitals.
Avoid and cancel all indoor and outdoor gatherings, including concerts, rodeos, big sporting occasions, and so on. Schools and after-school activities for youth close, as directed by educational authorities.