5 Ways To Know If You’re A Difficult Person

Theres one in every group or family– the challenging one. You might love them, but that does not make them any much easier to manage because, well, theyre hard.

Do you know why theyre challenging? And would you acknowledge it if YOU are the tough one?

Why People Are Difficult And What It Means

Its just challenging due to the fact that, well, once again– theyre tough. All behaviors have a root cause. And while understanding the why behind the factor someone is challenging wont make them any less exhausting, it might increase your own reserve of perseverance as you communicate with them.

Like I stated, this doesnt suggest theyre reprehensible individuals that everybody dislikes, they just take more energy to be around and there may be times that youre just not up to it. Due to the fact that you must find out how to work with them, challenging people need more effort to have a relationship with than others.

A challenging individual may likewise be the one whos argumentative and appears to be “set off” by whatever. Whatever your meaning, they all have one thing in common, the difficult individual produces stress.

All that being said, the biggest and most encompassing factor for challenging habits is insecurity. We all have insecurities about different things, but for some their insecurities cause them to behave in ways that can be extremely off-putting as they attempt to make up for, or camouflage, particular aspects of themselves.

We require to recognize that the factors for habits in anybody are made complex. As you work to adjust your technique to engaging with them youll need to be flexible and may need to attempt a couple of methods prior to you get it.

In some cases it can go deeper than this, nevertheless, and the hard individual may struggle with anxiety or anger concerns. If you understand their insecurity, such as the worry of being disliked or not accepted, as an encouraging factor behind their behavior, it can assist you to be more supportive and client when dealing with them.

How To Know If Youre The Difficult One

We are all the hard one at some point in our lives. Bad days or the incorrect situation can make any of us challenging to be around. Would you understand if youre actually the person that needs a deep breath and perseverance to be around? Most likely not. Its not that tough to figure out. If they sound familiar, think about some of the following and see.

Easily inflamed

Or that most circumstances are mishandled and things are generally never done? Consistent disappointment with whatever and everybody will make it hard for people to be around you.


Next time you talk to someone pay attention to what you are saying and how youre saying it. Does every conversation (or most) consist of a grievance of some kind? Even if its simply little complaints about things like the weather condition or traffic, consistent grumbling will put a negative spin on a conversation and drag those around you down. Its actually hard to be around somebody who grumbles. ALL.THE.TIME.

You like to “debate”– a lot

You much like to play devils advocate, right? You are most likely a challenging person to have enjoyable discussions with if each discussion presents a chance for a spirited argument (or for you to be ideal). Do not misconstrued, theres absolutely nothing wrong with an excellent exchange of ideas and intriguing discussion with different perspectives, however when you take a position on everything it gets old. No one wishes to invest extreme quantities of time on the merits of original Coke, new Coke, and classic Coke.

Continuously dissatisfied

If you feel like you are continuously disappointed by whatever and everyone, that feeling will color your technique to individuals around you. This will make it challenging for many people to be around you.

You dominate most discussions

If you can associate with any of these its rather possible you are perceived, a minimum of periodically, as being difficult. Challenging individuals hardly ever stop and show on how their own habits is impacting those around them. It often takes someone to point out the impact they are having on others and that can be a really challenging conversation.

If, nevertheless, you read this and feel that it pertains to you, some self-evaluation can be your next move. Then, comprehending the roots of your behavior and executing some efforts to alter can go a long way towards making relationships much easier.

If you have something to say about whatever and generally talk longer and louder than those around you, you might be hard. Controling every discussion, having something to state about whatever, or portraying yourself as an expert in nearly all areas is extremely annoying to others.

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Bad days or the wrong situation can make any of us difficult to be around. Consistent frustration with whatever and everyone will make it hard for people to be around you.

Theres one in every group or family– the hard one. You may love them, however that doesnt make them any simpler to handle because, well, theyre hard.

Author: Dr. Kurt Smith

Dr. Kurt Smith is the Clinical Director of Guy Stuff Counseling & & Coaching, a Northern California therapy practice that concentrates on helping men and the ladies who enjoy them. His competence remains in comprehending guys, their partners, and the unique relationship challenges couples face today. Dr. Kurt is an enthusiast of dogs, sarcasm, whatever outdoors, and helping those looking for to make their relationships better.

And while understanding the why behind the factor somebody is tough wont make them any less tiring, it might increase your own reserve of perseverance as you interact with them.